Welcome to the Outer Hebrides Alcohol & Drug Partnership (ADP)

The Outer Hebrides Alcohol & Drug Partnership (ADP) aims to prevent and reduce the harmful effects of alcohol and drugs in our community, to promote sustained recovery and deliver better outcomes for those affected.

The Outer Hebrides Alcohol and Drug Partnership (ADP) comprises a range of organisations and stakeholders from NHS Western Isles, Comhairle nan Eilean Siar, Police Scotland, Third Sector and community representatives. It is currently chaired by the Chief Executive of NHS Western Isles.

The Outer Hebrides ADPs vision and aims are as follow:


The Outer Hebrides is a healthy community where the problems of substance use are prevented and reduced.


  • Prevent problems arising from substance use
  • Reduce problems and harm caused by substance use

Our 2015 – 18 strategic priorities focus on action to meet priorities and objectives under the broad headings of:

  1. Early years:
  • Children 0 -5 affected by substance use
  • Children affected by parental substance use


  1. Early intervention:
  • Young people aged 5 – 25 affected by substance use
  • Families and young people affected by substance use
  • Vulnerable groups
  • Harmful and hazardous drinkers and substance users


  1. Problem drinkers and substance users
  • Dependent drinkers and substance users
  • Persistent heavy drinkers and persistent substance users


  1. Assist in the promotion of a healthy Outer Hebrides (with our partners)
  • Promote positive attitudes
  • Promote positive choices



Please click here to download a copy of the Outer Hebrides ADP.Delivery Plan 2015 – 18



Stay safe this Christmas!

Please click here to download our posters and information on our winter safety campaign. Please phone 01851792021 if you would like copies by email.

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